Cupertino F2F July 2023

  • Host: Apple
  • Location: One Apple Park Way, Cupertino CA 95014, USA
    • Visitor entrance is at Tantau Reception Center, 10503 North Tantau Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014. This is adjacent to the intersection of North Tantau Avenue and Pruneridge Avenue.
    • Conference room is named “Space Oddity” in Section 2
    • If you're driving there, the visitor parking is in an underground garage whose entrance is at this point, adjacent to the Apple Park Visitor Center, 10600 North Tantau Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014. This is just across North Tantau Avenue from the visitor entrance.
  • Weather Forecast: ⁰C or ⁰F, Current Weather Conditions: ⁰C or ⁰F
  • Dates: Tuesday 18 July - Friday 21 July 2023
  • Times: 8am-4pm (early start to accommodate Europe dial-ins)
    • 7:30am - reception open for visitors, breakfast available
    • 8am - meeting start
    • 9:30am-10am morning break
    • 12:00pm-1pm lunch break
    • 2:00pm-2:30pm afternoon break
    • 4pm - meeting end
  • Scheduled Extras:
    • Lightning Pitches - 1min-5min informal pitches to ask for engagement on particular issues, concerns, or feature requests that aren't ready for formal discussion
    • Wednesday evening - host dinner, 6:30 PM outside on the patio at Water Tower Kitchen: 201 Orchard City Drive, Campbell, CA 95008
    • Thursday evening - DIY backyard barbecue, fantasai &co hosting, 10min drive from Apple, extra guests welcome, please come even if you're local…
  • Airports:
    • SJC - San Jose Airport (16km drive, closest, be careful to use correct airport code)
    • SFO - San Francisco Airport (54km drive, major hub)
    • OAK - Oakland Airport (69km drive)


Meeting Minutes


Possible breakout topics

  • Line-breaking and related features in CSS Text Level 4
  • line-clamp, continue: discard, and friends (also listed as a main track topic, but a break-out might be useful for a deep-dive, before bringing back potential conclusions to the main track) (Andreu Botella would like to join remotely. Europe-friendly scheduling appreciated)
  • ??? Add Suggestions Here ???

Regular-track topics

In addition to Agenda+ F2F Issues

  • Anchor Positioning
  • Masonry?
  • CSS Grid Layout L1 fixes (any output from Tab+Oriol+fantasai’s workday on Monday)
  • Line-clamp (Andreu Botella would like to join remotely. Europe-friendly scheduling appreciated)
  • styling of details elements (see somewhat draft-y document) (could be a lightning pitch, except I think a little discussion would be useful)
  • ??? Add topics you want to discuss / present here so the chairs can schedule them ???
  • FXTF/Houdini - merging back into CSSWG?
  • Future of SVG - WG has been effectively dead for years, should we take it over? Do something else?

Lightning Pitches

1min-5min informal pitches to ask for CSSWG’s attention / help on particular issues, concerns, or feature requests that aren't ready for formal discussion, see Lightning Pitches Description. Register your name and/or topics below if you want the wiki to help you remember.



Apple attendees who can help visitors with issues they may encounter during the F2F.


Name Arrival Departure Hotel Dietary Restrictions Flights or Other Notes
Theresa O'Connor (hober) local local local
fantasai early late AirBnB gluten-free appreciated
Tim Nguyen (ntim) local local local
Megan Gardner local local local
Jen Simmons week before week after nearby hotel will get my own food since I cannot eat 99% of foods / can only eat about 12 ingredients
Simon Fraser local local local
Myles C. Maxfield local local local
Brandon Stewart Jul 16 Jul 22 nearby hotel none
Sammy Gill Jul 17 Jul 22 Residence Inn Cupertino AS 3453, AS 3498


In-Person Participants

When in a U-shape configuration, the room has capacity for 30 people. But the maximum capacity of the room is 160, so we can probably squeeze a few more than 30 in pretty comfortably.


Name Arrival Departure Hotel Dietary Restrictions Flights or Other Notes
Alan Jul 17 Jul 21 Courtyard by Marriot Sunnyvale Will rent car, can give people rides from the NW direction if needed
Rachel Andrew Jul 17 Jul 23 Homewood Suites Silicon Valley I made a list. BA283 + AA4863 - AS2401 + BA282
Oriol Brufau Jul 15 Jul 22 AirBnB Strong dislike of cheese and shellfish
Bramus Jul 16 Jul 26 Wild Palms Hotel None SAS 594+935 - SAS 936+597
Miriam Suzanne Jul 17 Jul 22 AirBnB vegetarian
Rossen Jul 18 Jul 22 AirBnB pescatarian
ChangSeok Oh local local local
Tab Atkins-Bittner local local local
David Baron Jul 17 Jul 21 Wild Palms Hotel no red meat UA 1742 (Mon 15:25 SFO), UA 2046 (Fri 21:35 SFO)
Sebastian Zartner July 17 July 22 AirBnB no shellfish UA 195 (Mon 14:20 SFO), UA 8882 (Sat 21:10 SFO)
Florian Rivoal July 17 July 22 AirBnB omnivore KL2084+KL5192 / AF2840+AF0009
Ian Kilpatrick local local local no shellfish
Cassondra Roberts Jul 17 Jul 21 Element Santa Clara mostly vegan but flexible w/honey, fish, etc. Delta into SJC
Daniel Holbert local local local None Planning to attend in-person for at least one day (not sure yet which day(s))
Nicole Sullivan local local local
Tantek Çelik local local local vegan solid maybe, and tbd which days and for how long
Emilio Cobos July 17 July 22 AirBnB omnivore


Virtual Participants

Dial-in info can be found in the w3c-css-wg archives.

Please list your availability in California time (morning/afternoon/all or specific time ranges). See Time Converter

Name Timezone PDT Availability Other Notes
François Remy CEST (PDT+9) 08:00-16:00 Tuesday for two hours, All the other days until I fall asleep (possibly until EOD, as I'm jetlagged)
Yehonatan Daniv IDT (PDT+10) 08:00-15:00
Chris Lilley EEST (PDT+10) 08:00-11:00 unable to travel
Lea Verou EEST (PDT+10) 9am-11am every day, also 8am-9am on Fri
Vladimir Levin EDT 08:00-15:00
Rob Flack EDT 08:00-15:00
Jonathan Kew (PDT+8) 08:00-14:00 Part-time, depending on schedule of agenda topics
Vitor Ribeiro Roriz CEST
Cameron McCormack AEST (PDT+17) 13:00-17:00 Will be in and out Tue-Thu afternoons, not available Fri
Matthieu Dubet CEST (PDT+9)
Khushal Sagar EDT 08:00-16:00 Can attend all day Tuesday + Wednesday. Won't be able to attend the last 2 days
David Leininger EDT Double booked for a week long office event in NYC. Will in and out as available.
Mason Freed PDT 08:00-16:00 Very part-time, depending on agenda
Fernando Serboncini EDT 08:00-16:00
Federico Bucchi PDT 09:00-13:00
Jennifer Strickland EDT all in and out
Una Kravets EDT all in and out
Mu-An Chiou PDT+15 08:00-09:00, 15:00-16:00 timezones
Adam Argyle PDT all in and out
Delan Azabani AWST (PDT+15) 08:00-11:00
Peter Linss PDT 08:00-16:00
Noam Rosenthal PDT+10 10:00-11:30 Available Tue-Thu
Joey Arhar PDT
Stephen Chenney EDT 8:00 - 13:00, limited other times Highlight pseudo issues + others of interest
Xiaocheng Hu PDT
Alison Maher PDT all Part-time, depending on agenda
Andreu Botella CEST 08:00-14:00 Preferably 8:00-12:00
Christopher Cameron CEST 12:00-15:00 in and out
Chris Harrelson PDT 8:00-16:00 In and out
Greg Whitworth PDT 08:00-16:00 Tooltip & Anchor positioning


Bobby Jo Steffl
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