Cupertino F2F July 2023

  • Host: Apple
  • Location: One Apple Park Way, Cupertino CA 95014, USA
  • Dates: Tuesday 18 July - Friday 21 July 2023
  • Airports:
    • SJC - San Jose Airport (16km drive, closest, be careful to use correct airport code)
    • SFO - San Francisco Airport (54km drive, major hub)
    • OAK - Oakland Airport (69km drive)
  • Schedule: possibly starting at 8am to better accommodate Europe (and to avoid traffic)?


In-Person Participants

When in a U-shape configuration, the room has capacity for 30 people. But the maximum capacity of the room is 160, so we can probably squeeze a few more than 30 in pretty comfortably.

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Dietary Restrictions Flights or Other Notes
Tess local local local
Alan Jul 17 Jul 21
Rachel Andrew Jul 17 Jul 23 Homewood Suites Silicon Valley I made a list.
Oriol Brufau Jul 15 Jul 22 The Cupertino Hotel Strong dislike of cheese and shellfish
fantasai ? ? ? gluten-free appreciated
Bramus Jul 16 Jul 26 Wild Palms Hotel None SAS 594+935 - SAS 936+597
Miriam ? ? ? vegetarian
changseok local local local
Peter Linss ? ? ?
Tab Atkins-Bittner local local local
David Baron Jul 17 Jul 21 Wild Palms Hotel no red meat UA 1742 (Mon 15:25 SFO), UA 2046 (Fri 21:35 SFO)

Virtual Participants

Please list your availability in California time (morning/afternoon/all or specific time ranges). See Time Converter

Name Timezone PDT Availability Other Notes
Daniel Holbert PDT 09:00-17:00 Planning to attend in-person for at least one day (not sure yet which day(s).
François Remy CEST (PDT+9) 08:00-16:00 Might not be able to attend all days entirely
Yehonatan Daniv IDT (PDT+10) 08:00-15:00
Chris Lilley (PDT+10) 08:00-12:00 Might manage in-person, conflicts with team travel policy
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