Cupertino F2F March 2010

  • 2010 March 29-31
  • Cupertino, CA, USA
  • Organizer: Apple (David Singer)

Meeting Minutes

  • Monday, 29 March- CSS2.1 Issue and Test Suite, Vendor Prefixes and Stabilizing Properties, Status of Specs, CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders, GCPM
  • Tuesday, 30 March- Transitions and Animations, Fonts, i18n, CSS2.1
  • Wednesday, 31 March- CSSOM, Miscellaneous Issues

Proposed topics

Topics for the March 2010 CSS Working Group Face-to-Face meeting in Cupertino, California (USA).

Mon AM

  • TPAC 2010: preferred days, joint meetings, overlap… see e-mail and online survey
  • finalize dates for August meeting (currently listed as “(tentative)”)
  • CSS2.1 Issues
  • The CSS 2.1 test suite is a strain on the servers. Is there a way to avoid creating a new file if it is the same as an existing file?
  • Define better commitments for reviewing test cases to help approval of all test cases.
  • Vendor prefixes

Mon PM

  • css-style-attr last call ended. Need to check comments, write DoC and publish CR.
  • css3-mediaqueries CR period ended last Oct. Do we have a test suite? Can we go to Rec?
  • css3-namespaces is still CR but seems to be implemented. Publish a Rec?
  • css3-page was last call until Nov 2006. Has already been CR. If everything is implemented, we can go directly to Rec.
  • css3-background in CR until June, but has no test suite yet. Can we write one? Maybe during the ftf?
  • css3-color (and 'color-correction')
  • background shorthand syntax (to slash or not to slash)
  • CSS3 GCPM - discuss env() function, inline footnotes - publish WD?

Tues AM

Tues PM

Weds AM

  • CSSOM: impact on other CSS specifications
  • CSSOM: CSS value API
  • CSS3 color issues
  • animation of gradients (css3-transitions)
  • joint w/ SVG - image-fit and image-position issues

Weds PM

  • Advanced layout modules (Grid, Template, Flexbox): what's good, what's bad, how they can be worked into an intuitive whole with the other layout modes of CSS (static, absolute, table)
  • CSS2.1 Issue 156 followup
  • GCPM followup – can we publish as WD?
  • Other CSS2.1 Issues as time allows
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