Charter 2013-2015 planning

Editors, please, fill in for your drafts what level you think the drafts will reach within the next two years, REC, CR, WD, NOTE or RSCND (Rescinded REC), and by when.

Once the WG is happy with the list, all the drafts that reach a level different from their current one will become deliverables in the charter and the others will be mentioned as items that are in scope. (Mentioning them explicitly helps to reduce possible patent problems.)

Use the Notes column for notes to ourselves. They won't be in the charter.

Document 2013q4 2014q1 2014q2 2014q3 2014q4 2015q1 2015q2 2015q3 Notes
CSS Snapshot 2010
CSS Snapshot 2007
CSS Color Level 3 Rec, publish errata, 2nd edition if needed
CSS Namespaces
Selectors Level 3
CSS Level 2 REC 3e
CSS Print Profile
Media Queries 3 Rec 3.1 The updated Rec is for rolling in Errata
Media Queries 4 WD CR
CSS Style Attributes
CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3 REC
CSS Conditional Rules Level 3 expect REC?
CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Level 3 possible REC, depends on testing efforts
CSS Marquee unchanged
CSS Multi-column Layout
CSS Speech
CSS Values and Units Level 3 expect REC?
CSS Flexible Box Layout will likely stay CR, but be actively maintained
CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3 will likely stay CR, but be actively maintained
CSS Mobile Profile 2.0
CSS TV Profile 1.0
CSS Animations
CSS Fonts Level 3
CSS Counter Styles Level 3 likely no further progress within charter period, unless AH and others implement
CSS Text Level 3 expect CR
CSS Fragmentation Level 3 expect CR
CSS Transforms
CSS Transitions
Cascading Variables
CSS Writing Modes Level 3 expect CR
CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 3 likely REC
CSS Paged Media Level 3 expect CR
CSS Basic User Interface Level 3
CSS Box Alignment Module Level 3 likely to make it to CR
CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 4 likely FPWD
Compositing and Blending
CSS Device Adaptation likely CR
CSS Exclusions likely CR
CSS Shapes expect CR
Filter Effects
CSS Generated Content for Paged Media
CSS Grid Layout expect CR
CSS (Grid) Template Layout CR
CSS Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing Module Level 3
CSS Line Grid
CSS Lists Level 3 expect some progress along WD track, CR possible
CSS Positioned Layout Level 3 likely CR
CSS Presentation Levels
CSS Regions expect CR
CSS Tables Level 3 unchanged
Selectors Level 4 likely CR
CSS Object Model
CSS Masking
CSS Overflow
CSS Basic Box Model Level 3 CR
CSS Generated Content Level 3
CSS Line Layout Level 3
CSS Ruby will be worked on, CR possible
CSS Syntax Level 3
Behavioral Extensions to CSS
CSS Hyperlink Presentation unchanged
CSS Grid Positioning abandoned–merge with Grid Layout

If there are documents missing, please, add them. That includes documents we already decided to create, but haven't published yet.

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