Cambridge F2F August 2008

Proposed topics

Proposed topics for topics for the August 2008 CSS Working Group Face-to-Face meeting in Cambridge. This should be a technical meeting, and focus should be on topics that benefit from us all being in the same room. Add any proposed topics below: we will filter and sort later.

  • Vertical layout terminology Note
  • Styling ('appearance' property?) for the implicit video controls of HTML5
  • The improved MWI test harness and how to put our existing test suites in it
    • Follow up conversation about test suite interest group
  • Create a 'milestones' roadmap for completion of CSS 2.1; identify test coverage completion targets
  • What exactly is a <br>?
  • list-style: tree
  • CSS3 Fonts Module
  • GCPM
  • CSS3 Text Layout
  • CSS2.1 Issues
    • Issue 14 - margins should be adjoining when min-height == height
    • Issue 42 - Static position should also assume “clear: none”
    • Issue 53 - Interaction of pre* and justification poorly defined (review implementation behavior)
    • Issue 60 - Z-index and stacking behavior
  • CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders (publish new WD?)
  • Publish update of CSS3 Template Layout? (fell off the agenda in May)
  • <insert your topic here>
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