Berlin F2F April 2018

Meeting Minutes

  • Tuesday, April 10:
    • Part 1: Snapshot, Scheduling, Decisions
    • Part 2: Editorships, box-sizing, Writing Modes
    • Part 3: Spatial Navigation, Floats
    • Part 4: CSS Grid and Box Alignment
    • Part 5: Sizing, Flexbox, Overflow
    • Part 6: TTML Requests
  • Wednesday, April 11:
    • Part 1: CSS Contain, CSS Scoping, CSS Pseudo Elements
    • Part 2: CSSOM, CSS UI 4, CSS Timing
    • Part 3: CSS Scroll Snap, CSS Text 3
    • Part 4: Web Animations
    • Part 5: Fonts, CSS Text / Text Decoration, Ruby
  • Thursday, April 12:
    • Part 1: Flexbox, line-clamp/max-lines/block-ellipsis
    • Part 2: Multicol
    • Part 3: FXTF spec-editing, Subgrids, Box Model
    • Part 4: Table Boxes, Aliasing, Text, Overflow
    • Part 5: Contain, CSS2, Testing

General Information

  • Host: Monotype
  • Location: Neue Mälzerei, Friedenstr. 91, 10249 Berlin, Germany
  • Adjacent to TYPO Labs 2018, at Umweltforum nearby
  • Confirmed dates:
    • Monday April 9: Houdini Meeting
    • Tuesday-Thursday April 10-12: CSS WG Meeting
    • Tuesday, April 10: CSS WG dinner at the Solar Lounge. Group 4-course dinner menu includes a vegetarian option (need a preliminary count for those who would prefer a vegetarian option).
    • Thursday: Lunch at 1:30-2:30 pm, at Umweltforum nearby (TYPO Labs location)
    • Thursday: TYPO Labs get-together dinner party - BBQ and drinks.
    • Thursday-Saturday April 12-14: TYPO Labs (with workshops Friday & Saturday)

TYPO Labs 2018 registration info

  • Ticket store is now open
    • Tickets are non-transferable
  • A single 45-min speaker slot on Friday, April 13 is reserved for CSS WG participants who wish to prepare a talk (it could be subdivided into two or three slots if we wish).


Please add 'block' to the hotel column if you would be interested in taking advantage of the organizers' hotel rates.

UPDATE: There will be no block rate. You can book at the hotel if you want, or elsewhere, but you need to do it yourself, at the standard rate.

And please add 'yes' to the TYPO Labs column if you'd be interested in attending the TYPO event.

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes TYPO Labs CSS WG dinner
Alan Stearns 6 Apr 15 Apr Yes Yes, omnivore
Brian Birtles 7 Apr 17 Apr Hampton AF1534/JL6898 Maybe first day Yes
Chris Lilley 8 Apr 15 Apr block AA6596/EZY5533 Yes Yes, keto
Dael Jackson 6 Apr 13 Apr AirBnB No Yes, vegetarian
Dirk Schulze train No Yes
Emil A Eklund 10 Apr 14 Apr Westin Grand AF1534 / BA983 Probably not
Eric Willigers 6 Apr block No Yes
fantasai 8 13 AirBnB via London Yes Yes, gf
Florian Rivoal 9 15 Airbnb Yes Yes
Geoffrey Sneddon 6 Apr 15 Apr family FR151 / BA983+BA279 Probably not Yes
Ian Kilpatrick block swim Maybe first day
Jihye Hong 9 Apr 14 Apr AirBnB Yes
Koji Ishii 10 Apr 13 Apr Hotel Zoe AF1434 / AF1835 Probably not
L. David Baron 8 April, 17:05 14 April, 10:15 Victor's Residenz-Hotel Berlin AY74/AY1437, LH39/UA59 Friday only Yes, no beef
Lea Verou block? probably Yes, keto
Manuel Rego 9 Apr 14 Apr NH Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz Friday only Yes, no restrictions
Myles C. Maxfield Brandenburg Gate Zeppelin Definitely Yes, no restrictions
Naina Raisinghani Westin Grand No Yes, no red meat
Rachel Andrew 9 Apr 12 Apr Hampton BA992/BA995 No Yes, pescatarian - allergic shellfish, wheat, eggplant
Peter Linss 8 Apr 14 Apr AirBnB? QTR77/QTR82 Yes, omnivore
Remy Francois 6 Apr 16 Apr No Yes
Rob Flack 7 Apr 13 Apr No Yes
Rossen Atanassov train Yes Yes, pescetarian
Shane Stephens New Berlin Yes
Simon Fraser No No
Tab Atkins newberlin yes
Tantek Çelik 2018-04-09 18:55 2018-04-15 11:45 Victor's Residenz-Hotel UA9725+LX982 / UA8973+UA59 Yes Yes, pescetarian(No goat cheese)
Vladimir Levantovsky block Yes Yes, omnivore
Rune Lillesveen 8 Apr 12 Apr No Yes


Name Organization
Christian Biesinger
Emilio Cobos Álvarez Mozilla
Oriol Brufau
Richard Rutter
Jason Pamental
Majid Valipour Google

Agenda Items

If there's time

Misc, break-time chat or just fun read






(Layout 1)

  • Complex float shapes and bfc sizing: #2452 (frremy)





(Layout 2)


  • Raise awareness of FX specs in the CSS WG
  • New WD for Filter Effects and CSS Masking
  • Need editors
    • Compositing and Blending
    • Geometry
Did not get to
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