Berlin F2F April 2018

  • Host: Monotype
  • Location: Neue Mälzerei
  • Adjacent to TYPO Labs 2018, at Umweltforum nearby
  • Confirmed dates:
    • Monday April 9: Houdini Meeting
    • Tuesday-Thursday April 10-12: CSS WG Meeting
    • Thursday-Saturday April 12-14: TYPO Labs (with workshops Friday & Saturday)
  • Hotel room block at nearby NH Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz, room rate will be 109,00 € including breakfast.

TYPO Labs 2018 registration info

  • Ticket store is now open
    • Tickets are non-transferable
  • A single 45-min speaker slot on Friday, April 13 is reserved for CSS WG participants who wish to prepare a talk (it could be subdivided into two or three slots if we wish).


Please add 'block' to the hotel column if you would be interested in taking advantage of the organizers' hotel rates.

UPDATE: There will be no block rate. You can book at the hotel if you want, or elsewhere, but you need to do it yourself, at the standard rate.

And please add 'yes' to the TYPO Labs column if you'd be interested in attending the TYPO event.

Name Arrival Departure Hotel Flight info and notes TYPO Labs
Alan Stearns Yes
Chris block Yes
Dave Cramer block
Dael Jackson AirBnB? No
Dirk Schulze train Yes
Eric Willigers block
fantasai block
Florian Rivoal Airbnb? Yes
Geoffrey Sneddon probably staying with family Probably not
Jen Simmons block Yes
L. David Baron block? probably Friday only (will confirm when booking travel)
Manuel Rego block Friday only
Naina Raisinghani arranging my own No
Rachel Andrew
Rossen Atanassov train Yes
Shane Stephens block
Tab Atkins block
Vladimir Levantovsky block Yes


Oriol Brufau, Richard Rutter

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