2013 meeting planning


Meeting in February in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Host: Molly Holzschlag. resolved 2012-05-10

Need firmer dates, leaning towards week of February 4.

Other events to consider:

  • Gem festival in Tuscon (need to avoid), Feb 14-17, and probably week before
  • avoid March 8-17 SXSW (March)
  • avoid March 16-23
  • avoid early March


Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Host: John Daggett. resolved 2012-05-10

Need firmer dates. Considering June 5-7 (Wed-Fri).

Other events to consider:

  • 2013 May 27 (Mon): Memorial Day (USA)
  • 2013 June 9-11 (Sun-Tue): W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, Tokyo, Japan


Tentatively early September in Europe?

Other events to consider:

  • avoid August
  • 2013 September 2: Labor Day (USA)


TPAC 2013 is November 18-22 in Shenzen, China. Assuming we'd like to meet there, but should probably confirm.

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