Improving Tab Navigation

There have been a number of concerns raised with the current 'nav-index' property. This page is to document them and the resulting discussions, with the aim of addressing these issues in a future revision of the UI module.

External Issues To Be Incorporated

Should HTML specify something

HTML has the tabindex attribute (with various levels of browser support) which has been specified there to some extent: *

HTML or CSS or both

Does nav-index belong in HTML or CSS or both?

Current thinking: likely both.

HTML already has tabindex (see previous).

CSS should specify nav-index because:

  • CSS3-UI already specifies directional nav-* properties
  • Any style sheet that explicitly specifies the 2 dimensional directional nav-* properties will likely want to also explicitly specify sequential navigation order as well.
  • Keeping both sequential and directional nav-* in the same style sheet will help them stay “in sync” across site changes etc.
    • Or rather, having to do them separately in HTML vs CSS will likely cause them to get out of sync.

However, nav-index was in a CSS3-UI CR draft for MANY years and there was no implementation.

Thus only when there is a strong demonstration of implementer interest (2+ commitment to implement) should we consider adding it to CSS4-UI.

within a dialog and browsing context

We should define how to pick the next/previous element in sequential focus navigation, to make sure it's clear that it stays within a dialog and browsing context.

More details and follow-up:

contextual scoping

Need contextual scoping for sequential focus navigation.

More details and follow-up:

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