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The CSS Working Group is the W3C working group chartered to develop Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). We are responsible both for the CSS specifications and for their conformance test suites. Our roadmap is maintained on the W3C website. fantasai has separately documented how we work.

This wiki is to help the CSSWG record resolutions and open issues, to share them with public, and to encourage public involvement in the development of CSS and its test suites. Contributions to this wiki are governed by the same conditions as the W3C Mobile Web Wiki Contribution Policy. Note that editing is restricted to CSS Working Group members except in the Testing section (which is open to all).

The CSS Working Group welcomes your feedback on our work! Public discussion of our specs happens in github issues on the in csswg-drafts, fxtf-drafts, and css-houdini-drafts repositories (corresponding to CSS drafts, FXTF drafts, and Houdini drafts) and on the archived www-style mailing list, while discussion of our test suites happens on public-css-testsuite. If you are part of a W3C Member organization, you can also access our (mostly administrivial) internal mailing list. Minutes of our meetings and publishing updates are posted to the CSS WG Blog. See list of communications channels.

The working group uses the planning page to coordinate topics for our face-to-face meetings.

Due to abuse by spam bots, account registration has been disabled on this wiki. Registration is available on Shepherd and accounts are shared with the wiki.

See recent changes for currently active topics.


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