TPAC 2010

Proposed Agenda

Monday AM

  • CSS3 2D Transforms - 4 implementations, talk about LC
  • EPUB liaison (it appears the chair of the epub3 working group, Markus Gylling, will be able to attend our meeting)
  • CSS3 Speech
  • CSS2.1 Test suite after REC
  • BIDI

Monday PM

  • CSS3 Multicol: implementation update; spanning element behavior
  • Multicol and scrolling
  • Flexbox (from Tab)
  • CSS3 GCPM: hyphenate-last-line-avoid; @page :nth()

Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

  • CSS3 Writing Modes (continued) - logical directional model, writing-mode property, FPWD
  • CSS3 Fonts - font feature support
  • Slow font downloading issue
  • CSS3 Values
  • Accessibility


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