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-====== Implementation Report Template ====== 
-The CSSWG has adopted a tab-separated file format for its implementation reports. It consists of a header with comments noting the UA and the test suite version and the first line of the data gives the column header names. Comments may be added to the report by prefixing the line with a pound sign (''#''​). 
-===== Data columns ===== 
-The three tab-separated data columns are: 
-  ; testname : The first column gives the relative path from the root of the test suite to the test. This is auto-generated by the build scripts when generating the template. 
-  ; result : The second column gives a result code. The template generates a ''?''​ for this field, which must be filled in by the tester. Valid result codes are: 
-^ code ^ Meaning ^ 
-| pass | The test passes | 
-| fail | The test fails | 
-| uncertain | The tester is uncertain whether the test passes or fails | 
-| invalid | The tester believes the test is invalid. | 
-| na | The test is not applicable: the test is for a different device or media type, or the feature is not implemented | 
-  ; comment : The third column is for per-result comments to be stored in the results database. (Comments prepended with a hash mark (''#''​) may be discarded.) 
-===== Header ===== 
-The header consists of three comments denoting the UA and OS version, the UA string (if applicable),​ and the test suite version. 
-Example of the template header: 
-  # UA version OS version 
-  # UA string (if applicable) 
-  # http://​test.csswg.org/​suites/​css2.1/​DATESTAMP/​ 
-Example of a completed report header: 
-  # Firefox 4.0b5 Ubuntu Linux 10.10 
-  # Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:​ Gecko/​20101206 Ubuntu/​10.10 (maverick) Firefox/​3.6.13 
-  # http://​test.csswg.org/​suites/​css2.1/​20101210/​ 
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