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For information on test fonts and authoring CSS Test suites, see:

Fonts for CSS Testing

If you don't have the CSS testing fonts installed, many tests will appear to fail! Install the CSS Testing Fonts if you want accurate test results.

The Ahem Font

Many of the tests in the CSS Test Suite rely on the Ahem font. Ahem's glyphs are all rectangles, which makes it easy to test the inline box model. More details are available in the Ahem README file.

The Ahem font is available in several formats for different systems. If we are missing yours, and you can create one, we would welcome your contribution. Send us a message on the public-css-testsuite mailing list.

Installing Ahem on Windows

  1. Open the folder where you downloaded the font file.
    • For Windows XP/Server 2003:
      1. Open the Fonts folder from the Control Panel.
      2. Drag-and-drop the downloaded file to the fonts folder.
    • For Windows Vista/Server 2008
      1. Right-click the downloaded font file and select “Install”.
      2. Confirm your acceptance to the User Account Control (UAC) pop-up window by selecting “continue”.

Installing Ahem on Mac OS X

  1. Right-click the font and select “Install”
  2. Alternatively, drag and drop in either /Library/Fonts (available for all users on the machine) or ~/Library/Fonts (available to current user only)

Additional Fonts

Some tests require additional fonts. A zipfile of all CSS testing fonts is available.

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