Specs for paged view and paged layout

See also: Paged View

List of specifications that need to progress or be created to cover the range of known page view and page layout

Note: some of the specs in this list may merge or split, in most cases it is not noted as such; main goal of this list is completeness.

Note: ## marks items that are not existing specs, properties or terms, these are something that I think should be considered

Paged View

Specific ways to create and manipulate paged presentations

  • [##] CSS Paged View: “overflow:paged” and OM for pages
    • Defines paged presentation for element content
    • OM for page navigation and page access
    • “overflow:paged” can apply to non-flow controls (multiline flexbox, table)
  • [##] Page Templates
  • Non-CSS
    • Page View in UA (may not need a separate spec but should have a definition and requirements)

Fragmentation enablers

Use of these modules puts content in fragmented environment, but providing a complete paged view is out of scope of the modules. Can be considered building blocks for paged view.

  • [css3-multicol] CSS Muti-column Layout
  • [css3-regions] CSS Regions

Fragmented flow

Modules defining flow of single-source content through a sequence of finite spaces

  • [css3-page] CSS2.1 paged media
    • General pagination behavior
    • Control page properties from content (page size, named pages)
    • Page model (margin boxes)
  • [css3-break] CSS Fragmentation Controls
  • [css3-positioining] CSS Positioned Layout: defines “position:page” (‘column’, ‘spread’, ‘region’ to match [css3-break])
    • Creates page-level floats (with [css3-exclusions])
  • [##] CSS3 Floats: defines algorithms for resolving page float conflicts
    • Requires (and may merge with) [css3-exclusions],[css3-positioning], gcpm floats
  • [css3-gcpm] CSS Generated Content for Paged Media
    • Page-specific content: headers, footers, footnotes, bookmarks
    • Page floats become CSS3 Floats
  • [css3-grid-align] Grid Layout
    • Should apply to page templates, to let each page has its own grid
  • [css3-grid] Grid positioning (or include in [css3-positioning])
    • Define a way to position floats on page grid
  • [css-line-grid] CSS Line Grid
    • Important for visual alignment of text across columns and regions
  • [css3-exclusions] CSS Exclusions and Shapes
    • Required for CSS3 Floats
  • [css-variables] CSS Variables
    • Useful for page values (TOC, cross-references, counters, footnotes)
  • “page marker” for custom region-based pages
    • discussed with various names ('region-type', 'break-type', 'page-view-role'… with values “page|column|none” and possibly custom names)
    • May belong to [css3-break]

Most CSS modules are relevant too (counters, media queries, fonts, etc.), only few are mentioned here that are new or have new behavior in page view.

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