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 See thread at http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2011Mar/​0573.html See thread at http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2011Mar/​0573.html
 +It is also desirable to be able to decompose complex functions like ''​linear-gradient()''​. Such functions are also lists (tagged n-tuples to be precise). One of practical tasks sounds like "​transition of 4th color stop from color '​red'​ to '​yellow'"​.
 +In general the '​transition'​ shall accept only atomic values to avoid any ambiguity. E.g. it is not clear what exactly transition from ''​linear-gradient(left,​red,​blue)''​ to ''​linear-gradient(top,​red,​yellow,​blue)''​ means.
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