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CSS Regions Page

This page is used to track:

  1. new issues that are not yet flagged in the specification
  2. resolutions about issues that were in the specification

This page started from the initial CSS Regions working draft.


Kyoto F2F June 2011, Saturday

  • RESOLVED: Switch content-order to take <integer>
  • Discussed syntax for pushing to/pulling from named flows.
  • Briefly discussed integration of regions with multicol and grid layout

Kyoto F2F June 2011, Saturday, Vincent's notes

  • use flow-into and flow-from properties and explain the interaction with the css3 contents module definition of the content property. The flow-into and flow-from properties should be <string>
  • content selection should not be mentioned in the spec.
  • confirmed that the event propagation model should not be modified.
  • make the section on DOM events model informative.
  • CSS OM View:
    • confirmed the current proposal (NamedFlow + Element interface extension)
    • agreed to add event on changes to regionOverflow and flowRanges

Action Items

Kyoto F2F June 2011, Saturday, Vincent's notes

  • Regions spec. editors to specify a model for breaking flow content across areas that accounts for regions, columns and pages. Build on paged media and propose behavior for nested flows breaks.


To Do

New issues

Resolved issues

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