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 +====== Issues for Level 4 ======
 +  * Lift restriction preventing combinators in :any/:not in the fast profile?
 +  * Anything else that should be moved from complete to fast profile?
 +  * Syntax of subject indicator
 +  * Comma-separated [attr] values, for easy OR matching?
 +  * Numeric [attr] comparators?​
 +  * Name of :any-link - maybe put "​link"​ first in the name, like :link-any?
 +  * Does :​local-link(n) force N path segments to match, or can a document with a shorter url still create a match? ​ (Example: in https://​github.com/​tabatkins/​css-preprocessor,​ does :​local-link(2) mean "same user and repository only", or does it allow "​https://​github.com/​tabatkins",​ thus implicitly allowing "same user, but no specified repo"?​)
 +  * Naming the drag-and-drop pseudoclasses
 +  * Just point the An+B grammar section to Syntax, now that it's accepted?
 +  * dbaron is uncertain about the reference and column combinators,​ the :matches() syntax (naming? something else?) and the subject indicator.
 ====== Brainstorming for Selectors Level 5 ====== ====== Brainstorming for Selectors Level 5 ======
   * [[http://​www.w3.org/​TR/​css3-selectors/​|Selectors 3 PR]]   * [[http://​www.w3.org/​TR/​css3-selectors/​|Selectors 3 PR]]
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