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 +====== @font-face Load Events ======
 +There appear to be several good use-cases for wanting to know when a particular @font-face has been loaded, such as delaying any text operations in <​canvas>​ that want to use the font until after. ​ Here's a proposal for such.
 +===== IDL =====
 +  [Constructor(DOMString type, optional FontFaceEventInit eventInitDict)]
 +  interface FontFaceEvent : Event {
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? family;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? src;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? usedSrc;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? style;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? weight;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? stretch;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? unicodeRange;​
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? variant;
 +    readonly attribute DOMString? featureSettings;​
 +  };
 +  ​
 +  dictionary FontFaceEventInit : EventInit {
 +    DOMString family;
 +    DOMString src;
 +    DOMString usedSrc;
 +    DOMString style;
 +    DOMString weight;
 +    DOMString stretch;
 +    DOMString unicodeRange;​
 +    DOMString variant;
 +    DOMString featureSettings;​
 +  }
 +===== Attributes =====
 +For the attributes "​family",​ "​src",​ "​style",​ "​weight",​ "​stretch",​ "​unicodeRange",​ "​variant",​ and "​featureSettings", ​
 +if the corresponding descriptor is present in the associated @font-face rule, 
 +the attribute'​s value is the cssText of that descriptor.  ​
 +Otherwise, the attribute'​s value is the value null.
 +For the attribute "​usedSrc",​ if one of the sources was successfully loaded and decoded as a valid font,
 +the attribute'​s value is the CSS serialization of that source.
 +Otherwise, the attribute'​s value is the value null.
 +===== Behavior =====
 +When a @font-face rule successfully finishes loading its src and is ready to be used, 
 +or has exhausted all of its sources without finding a valid font file,
 +fire a FontFaceEvent of type "​load"​ at the document object.
 +Bubbles: No.
 +Cancelable: No.
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