Paris F2F February 2012

Topics for the February 2012 CSS Working Group Face-to-Face meeting in Paris, France.

When: Monday 6 February – Wednesday 8 February

Where: 23 avenue d'Italie 75012 Paris

Room: Blue room Monday, Green room Tuesday and Wednesday, 5th floor

Registration: TBD (none? this link is broken: )

Weather: very cold, below freezing. likely dry, but rain and snow are possible. icy roads, sidewalks. be careful when walking.

Meeting Minutes

Monday, 6 February:

Tuesday, 7 February:

Wednesday, 8 February:



Monday AM
Monday PM
  • Discussion of prefixed properties and the CSS OM
  • Functional syntax, to comma or not to comma?
  • CSS3 Values and Units LCWD?
  • CSS Regions: feedback on region scope


Tuesday AM
  • CSS Regions:
    • short proposal on representing issues and binding to Bugzilla
    • resolve feedback on scope
    • demos (authoring and uses)
  • Nesting Style Rules
  • Status of Fullscreen (5 minutes)
  • Schedule for Snapshot 2012: end or start of the year? (10 minutes)
Tuesday PM
  • Module priority re -webkit- prefix list
  • CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders republish CR
  • CSS Image Values: LC status. CR?
  • CSS 2.1 Errata Issues
  • Agile spec development process


Wednesday AM
  • Discussion about unprefixing transforms, transitions and animations
  • Extend Images last call
  • CSS 2.1 Errata Issues (cont'd)
  • Media Queries Editorial Issue (Florian)
  • CSS Exclusion: spec scope, shape extraction model, shape syntax…
Wednesday PM
  • CSS Flexbox: open issues and feedback, LC?
  • Line Grid FPWD? Line Module
  • CSS3 Writing Modes - update on text-orientation
  • CSS Fragmentation: FPWD?
  • length units in matrix() and matrix3d() transform functions
  • Request to publish CSS 2D Transform and CSS 3D Transform with note pointing to the merged CSS Transform spec. which is in progress.

Proposed Topics

  • HTML5 Scoped Stylesheets - need for formal group comment? potential problems?
  • CSS3 Text - collect/resolve remaining issues?
  • CSS3 Text - text-shadow - support for spread radius? (Supported in IE10)
  • Animations/Transitions
  • Selectors 4
  • Discuss overlap between grid layout and template layout.
  • @text-transform
  • CSS3 Regions: Plan A, B, or C?
  • CSS4 Media Queries


Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Flight Info Notes
Daniel Glazman Disruptive Innovations (host) (host) home N/A
Glenn Adams Cox TBD TBD irc or telcon only due to other pre-scheduled commitments
Tab Atkins Google Sometime Feb 4 2012-02-09 12:40 CDG Apt-Share-1 ???
Tantek Çelik Mozilla Foundation 2012-028(1/28) 13:55 CDG 2012-039(2/8) 12:25 CDG 028-035:Montmartre, 035-039:Apt-Share-1 arriving:BA0308, departing:BA0309
fantasai Mozilla Foundation 2012-02-05 13:15 CDG temporarily local Apt-Share-1
Molly Holzschlag Invited Expert ??? ??? ??? pref: apt share ??? Hope to be present, but other factors postponing decision for now
Chris Lilley W3C Sun, TGV from Brussels Thu La Manufacture Train
Peter Linss HP 2012-02-03 11:25 CDG 2012-02-12 09:55 CDG Mercure Paris Place d'Italie UA132 / UA33
Brad Kemper Invited Expert ??? ??? ??? ??? I'd like to go, but don't know yet if I can swing it. Cost is a big issue.
Florian Rivoal Opera ??? ??? La Manufacture ???
Simon Fraser Apple ??? ??? ??? ???
Vincent Hardy Adobe 02/04/11 02/13/11 Marriott arriving: AIR FRANCE 2457 (from Bucharest), departing: AIR FRANCE 84
L. David Baron Mozilla 2012-01-28 11:30 CDG 2012-02-12 10:40 CDG apartment (studio, not shared) AF83/AF84
Bert W3C Feb 5 15:18 Feb 12 10:49 (?) Coypel TGV, Gare de Lyon
John Daggett Mozilla 2012-02-03 15:50 CDG 2012-02-10 11:00 CDG Airbnb apt JL405/JL042
Luke Macpherson Google 2012-02-04 17:55 CDG 2012-02-09 17:50 CDG ??? Ask me
Koji Ishii Invited Expert 2012-02-05 17:45 CDG 2012-02-09 12:45 CDG Apt-Share-1 KL1243/KL2012
Anton P Invited Expert 2012-02-05 16:40 CDG 2012-02-09 18:35 CDG Apt-Share-1
Sylvain Galineau Microsoft Feb 3 or 4 ??? Airbnb apt ???
Alan Stearns Adobe Feb 5 Feb 11 Ibis ???
Håkon Wium Lie Opera Feb 5 Feb 8
Alex Mogilevsky Microsoft Feb 4 Feb 10 Airbnb apt Delta 842 / Delta 184
Jet Villegas Mozilla 2012-02-05 11:30 CDG 2012-02-09 10:40 CDG Best Western Hotel De Weha
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft Feb 4 Feb 10 Airbnb apt


Nearby Hotels

Hotel Ibis Paris Avenue d'Italie

 15 bis Avenue d'italie
 20 meters away from the venue
 not a very nice hotel but if you really want to stay at 20m from the
 Phone: +33 1 5379 6000

Hotel Mercure Paris Place d'Italie

 25 Boulevard Auguste Blanqui
 a bit better than the above
 at walking distance
 Phone: +33 1 1 4580 8223

Hotel la Manufacture

 8 Rue Philippe de Champagne
 just on the other side of Place d'Italie, at walking distance
 I don't know that hotel, a friend told me it's nice.‎
 Phone: +33 1 4535 4525

Citadines Place d'Italie Paris

 Studios and greater flats
 only 150 meters away from the venue
 18 Place d'Italie‎

Marriott Rive Gauche

 17 Boulevard Saint-Jacques
 ten minutes walking from the venue or 2 short subway stations
 used to be *the* hotel for all japanese tourists with the best
   japanese gastronomy restaurant inside‎
 Phone: +33 1 4078 7980

Apartment Share

Apartment 1 has been claimed by Anton, fantasai, Tab, and Tantek.

People interested:

dbaronFOSDEM?Sun Feb 12 (or hotel earlier)Y
KojiSun Feb 5Thu Feb 9N

Proposed: In appreciation for their self-volunteered time and travel expenses, let's exclude unsponsored Invited Experts from the cost split.

Note: FOSDEM is Sat-Sun Feb 4-5, so people attending FOSDEM would probably be taking the train from Brussels to Paris late on Sunday February 5.

Transport to/from CDG

  • Take the blue RER B from CDG to Denfert Rochereau and transfer to the light green Metro #6 (direction Nation) to Place d'Italie

CDG Transport Warnings

  • RER Train unreliability. On 2012-01-28 afternoon all train service was shut down out of CDG due to a fire somewhere along the line. If this happens when you're at CDG you may need to go to Terminal 3 and get on a shuttle bus to a train station *after* the fire/obstruction/problems, OR you can maybe take a bus directly to your destination in Paris. Ask for details at the information booth.
  • CDG Airtrain unreliability. On 2012-01-28 the airtrain that goes between CDG terminals was *not* stopping at Terminal 3 due to construction/maintenance/other reasons. You may need to walk from your arriving terminal (e.g. Terminal 2) to Terminal 3, or you may be able to take the CDG airtrain to one of the parking stops near Terminal 3, and then walk from there. It may be cold, wet, icy, rainy, snowy, so be prepared to potentially walk a distance with all your luggage to Terminal 3.
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