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   * Oslo, Norway   * Oslo, Norway
   * Organizer: Opera (Håkon Wium Lie)   * Organizer: Opera (Håkon Wium Lie)
-  ​Minutes: ​[[http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2010Sep/​0001.html|Monday]],​ [[http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2010Sep/​0002.html|Tuesday]],​ [[http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2010Sep/​0003.html|Wednesday]]+ 
 +===== Meeting Minutes =====  
 +  ​* [[http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2010Sep/​0001.html|Monday, 23 August]]- CSS2.1 Issues and Test SuiteCSSWG Charter, Viewport Meta and CSS Syntax 
 +  * [[http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2010Sep/​0002.html|Tuesday, 24 August]]- CSS3 Generated Content for Paged MediaHit Testing, Styling Attributes, Media Queries, Snapshot 2010, Selector Serialization,​ Flexbox, Multi-Column Layout, box-shadow, Future F2F Schedule 
 +  * [[http://​lists.w3.org/​Archives/​Public/​www-style/​2010Sep/​0003.html|Wednesday, 25 August]]- Testing and PR, Fonts, Writing Modes, #rrggbbaa, CSS3 UI and UI Selectors, i18n: list-styles and Indic layout, CSS Template Layout, Values and Units and calc()
 ===== Proposed topics ===== ===== Proposed topics =====
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