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-====== Japan F2F June 2011 Venue Candidates ====== 
-^  ^Kyoto^^Osaka^^^ 
-^  ^[[http://​www.krp.co.jp/​|Kyoto Research Park]]^[[http://​www.hanazono.ac.jp/​|Hanazono Univ]]^[[http://​www.microsoft.com/​japan/​mscorp/​branch/​kansai.mspx|MS Osaka]]^^ 
-^6/1 9:​00-18:​00|School (96)|(??​)|[[http://​www.mainichi.co.jp/​oval/​|Oval Hall]] (66)|N/A| 
-^6/2~4 9:​00-18:​00|[[http://​www.krp.co.jp/​kaigi/​facilities/​b03.html|Round (30)]]|(??​)|N/​A|(??​)| 
-^6/6~9 9:00-18:00 (SVG WG)|U (12), fee required|(??​)|N/​A|(??​)| 
-^Internet|Wired,​ all ports open except telnet, can bring in wifi router|??​|Wired,​ all ports open, can bring in wifi router|??| 
-^Lunch|Delivery 1,000JPY~ (reservation required for Sat), a lot of easy options around|??​|Delivery 1,​000JPY~|??​| 
-^Access|Tanba st., one stop from Kyoto st. and 5 mins on walk|8 mins from Kyoto st. and 8 mins on walk|3 mins on walk from Osaka st.|One stop from Osaka st.| 
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