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Line 422: Line 422:
 <​html>​ <​html>​
 <​head>​ <​head>​
-        <circle id="circle" cx="​50%"​ cy="​50%"​ width="​50%"​ height="​50%"​ />+        <circle id="myCircle" cx="​50%"​ cy="​50%"​ width="​50%"​ height="​50%"​ />
  <style type="​text/​css"> ​  <style type="​text/​css"> ​
  /* with SVG shape */   /* with SVG shape */ 
  #article{  #article{
- shape-inside:​ url(#circle); + shape-inside:​ url(#myCircle); 
  wrap-padding:​ 10px;  wrap-padding:​ 10px;
  background-image:​ url(airplane.png); ​  background-image:​ url(airplane.png); ​
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